Non-thesaurus: Impactful

This is a thing I’ve been intending to make for myself for years, but since I wrote about it a bit I’ve also gotten some people finding their way here looking for alternatives to the word “impactful” that are actually, y’know, words. This has actually got me thinking that a thesaurus that provides synonyms for common non-words would be super useful, so I might actually turn this into a series as I think of other words that need this treatment (suggestions, anyone?)

So, without further ado, a list of possible real-word alternatives when what you really want to say is “impactful”:

  • affecting
  • compelling
  • consequential
  • convincing
  • electrifying
  • effective
  • forceful
  • incisive
  • impassioned
  • impressive
  • influential
  • inspirational
  • inspiring
  • meaningful
  • momentous
  • moving
  • persuasive
  • poignant
  • pointed
  • potent
  • powerful
  • provocative
  • significant
  • stirring
  • striking

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