100So, the fourth post in my series on the exclusion of trans women from women-only spaces was also the 100th post on Valprehension! I am pretty super proud of me for making it this far.

When I created this blog, I was in a job I hated, where I worked with a lot of awful, racist, classist shitheads and it made me feel slimy and terrible. So creating a space where I could talk about social justice stuff, as well as work through a lot of stuff I hadn’t figured out for myself yet, around past experiences of abuse and my gender identity. But I really had no clue whether I would stick with it.

In fact, I mostly didn’t think I’d still be blogging a year later. But here we are 18 months later and 100 posts in, and I’m not only still writing, I have posts already written and scheduled weeks in advance. I know for a fact that this blog will survive at least one more month before going dormant forever, and at this point I really believe I just might keep it up for years. And that’s pretty cool.

I’m just going to use this post for some general check-ins because I haven’t said much about myself and my life lately.

I’ve actually reached a lot of goals and made a lot of positive changes in my life since that long-ago day when I started Valprehension.

I left that awful job a few months after I started blogging, without notice, without a new job, without any idea what would happen. And I fell into an amazing, nurturing work environment, surprisingly enough, as a retail worker. I was super happy there for about a year. And then just this summer, I landed my first paying position in my chosen field of librarianship. I’m doing inventory this summer at a local public library system, so that’s pretty cool.

I had a graduation a few weeks ago, too, and I am officially a credentialed librarian, and that’s pretty cool.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve also figured out a lot of things about myself with respect to dating and my sexuality, which have helped me feel more stable in my relationships. There will actually be a giant coming-out post about this next week, you guys! I am on the asexual spectrum, y’all, and the implications of this for me are complicated and hard to untangle sometimes, especially(?) as a poly person.

I also fell in love this year. That’s pretty great, too.

Things are good in my life, and while blogging maybe has very little to do with a lot of it, it is sometimes my lifeline in some ways – it is an outlet, and it is a thing that I can do that makes me feel productive, which is so important for me to have in my life. And at this point, this blog is, for me, emblematic of so much growth in myself that I don’t think I will be able to let it go any time soon.

I love being here, and I love the community here, and I’m super glad to have made it this far.

To all my readers: I love you!

To all my readers: I love you!


  1. I’m excited to read your post about discovering you’re on the asexual spectrum! And also that I might know someone else ace IRL after all. :)

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