Over the past few months, Valprehension’s been recognized by a couple of the chain-style blog appreciation/recognition/ultimately community-building awards that are floating around. When I first received the Liebster award from L at Fistfelt (whose blog is never less than absolutely fascinating, and who I’ve definitely including in at least one gender perspectives post) back in (oh crap…) May, I didn’t actually get around to paying it forward. I was starting a new job at the time, and shortly after that a family member passed away, and then I had a whole bunch of (technically ongoing) family drama that erupted from that. And so, I did nothing about it, basically. Oops.

Anyway, I was super gratified to receive another nomination from Janitorqueer (who has also been featured in gender perspectives) this week, and it kicked me in the butt on actually participating :)

First, my nominations:

And some facts about me that y’all don’t already know or can’t find somewhere on this blog:

  • I am Canadian! I don’t actually know why this isn’t something that’s at least on my about page, really. But I was born and raised around the East Coast of Canada (mostly the greater Halifax area), and have been living in Toronto for the last six years.
  • My favourite snack right now is blueberry goat cheese on graham crackers. It seems really weird, but is very delicious. My local grocery store appears to have stopped carrying blueberry goat cheese, though, so I’ve been substituting cheddar. It’s also good.
  • I have two brothers (I’m the middle child).
  • I am an atheist. I actually will probably start writing things about this some day, but it just isn’t a thing I think about all that much, I guess?
  • I am currently, confusingly enamoured with the Harold and Kumar movies. I think they might just be ingeniously subversive, but I can’t actually tell. They might also just be really bad. It’s weird. Also, Kumar’s stupid love poem “The Square Root of Three” made me cry. This is extremely out of character for me.
  • I also have a professional development blog, all about the online courses I take and the library conference sand things I attend. I don’t generally recommend that anyone read it unless they are considering hiring me, but if you’re curious, it’s called Learnin’, or: Learning, Informally.
  • I am still using my legal name professionally, as you can see at the above blog. But, I made the url “” because I am changing my birth name, Keeley, to my last name, so I won’t need to change that even when I do make the leap. The plan is to wait until I’m in a more stable employment situation, so that I can have solid references who are aware of the name change whenever I next do a job search. Y’all should just keep calling me Kasey, though, because that’s my actual name :P

I’m going to stop there. See y’all next week!


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