A Case for Gender Neutral Pronouns

All of this. I really need to internalize this attitude more in how I approach other people with respect to my pronouns. Maybe some day.


In the never-ending saga that is my gender neutral life, I’ve (again) been visiting the topic of pronouns with my friends and loved ones.  While I’m more happy than I can say that my School of Social Work friends are good about using they/them/their/themself pronouns with me, that tends to come to a screeching halt whenever I get back home at the end of the day.  But in good news, my girlfriend has agreed to try her hardest over the next month’s time to see if she can become comfortable using them with me!  My roommates are more of the “I’ll definitely use them” types in person, but frequently mess up unless I correct them.  This has admittedly been less frequent an occurrence, so yay for progress!

But I find myself, as per usual, in a state of upset and frustration.  Professors — despite the fact I give them my…

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