Thoughts on “Makerspaces”

Another post I wrote for my more career-oriented blog. I think it’s a good sign that I’m starting to write more professional development posts that I expect will have more general appeal!

Tell me, what other kinds of resources and tools would you like to be able to borrow from your library?

Learnin', or: Learning, Informally

One of the things that regularly annoys me in discussions of makerspaces in libraries is the regularity with which it becomes clear that a lot of people think that “makerspace” is synonymous with “we have a 3-D printer”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with 3-D printers. I think they can be a very useful resource for many reasons; they can provide people a creative outlet they might not otherwise have and can be used by entrepreneurs to prototype or mock-up products. They add value to the community, and since they are prohibitively expensive for individual purposes, it makes sense for libraries (where feasible) to invest in them on behalf of their communities. You can make a huge variety of things with 3-D printers, and they are very, very cool, I admit it. Look:

3-D printers do even, in fact, align with the ethos of a…

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