Signal Boost: Demisexual and Proud

Today I just wanted to take a moment to point out a new blog I am following and super excited about, and that I think some of you will like too!

Demisexual and Proud is written by a demisexual person (shocking, I know), and already has a couple of really interesting blog series on the go. There’s a bunch of posts exploring the interactions between demisexuality and mental health that the author has experienced (or particularly, what it’s like to be demisexual while also seeking mental health treatment).

And much more exciting to me, the author has started a series called “I Want To Have Sex Like…” which looks like it will be talking about the ways in which demisexuality impacts (or doesn’t) experiences of not just sexual attraction, but also sexual preferences, fantasies, and eroticism generally. I’m excited about these posts for a couple of reasons: I’ve been trying to sort out these things in my head enough to write about them myself, and reading someone else’s perspective will hopefully help me crystallize some of my own experiences, but also I find myself relating to the way the author talks about their own experiences. So that’s cool too!


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