Wanted: Recommendations for some seriously queer reading material

I am in serious need of some fantastic, cathartic, queer reads, but I’m having a terrible time looking for them on my own.

Let me be more specific: I really want in-your-face, aggressively transgressive radical genderfucking queer as fuck characters. Queer “burn-the-status-quo-down” rage and/or joyfully transgressive sex are a must, basically.

Some examples of what I am looking for:

In general:

Joey Comeau’s Lockpick Pornography is my long-standing favourite queer manifesto in fiction format. Or anything like any of Comeau’s writing in general, really. This is sort of the gold standard.

Transgressive/queer relationships/sex:

Miranda July’s The First Bad Man is fucking fascinating and way queer in the sense I am looking for.

Melinda Gebbie and Alan Moore’s Lost Girls isn’t hyper-queer, but the vignettes are varied enough that they hit a lot of the right notes.

Queer Rage:

Raziel Reid’s When Everything Feels Like the Movies has some moments approaching the type of raging queerness I’m looking for, but is also suffers from bi/pan erasure issues, so.

This poem. It is eating up my insides and I want more things like this.

Fiction and non-fiction are both great! Erotica is totally acceptable! I will also accept awesome movie recommendations, really!


  1. I’m currently releasing my novel Needle Play along with illustrations on my blog http://www.absolman.com. The story follows a pansexual body piercer as she divys out vigilant justice against the evil she sees in London’s underground BDSM club scene. It’s a violent thriller with love and blood at its core. Check it ooooooout :D

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