Help a couple of lovestruck genderqueer cuties be together forever!

A couple of super wonderful friends of mine are struggling right now. Through the wonders of the internet, they found each other last year and fell in love over their amazingly compatible and complementary feelings about gender, and dealing with mental illness, and um, pooping. Mostly pooping, really. But in a super romantic way, I swear

To be honest, seeing their incredible, silly and beautiful love for each other explode all over my facebook feed last year was one of the things that kept me feeling warm and hopeful while I processed the changes in my own romantic life and relationships. They are beautiful together, y’all.

Can you handle the adorable?

Can you handle the adorable?

And they are struggling against bureaucracies that are keeping them apart. It’s a long-distance relationship between Denver and Toronto, and my Toronto pal is going to move to Denver on a fiance visa, if they can just meet all of the requirements to get one.

Unfortunately, they’ve already hit a bunch of speedbumps in this process, as Fran (the Canadian, and also, incidentally, the writer of this amazing guest post on rape, sex, and power) has been prevented from crossing the border (and a result forfeited the cost of plane tickets) not once, but twice, for things like carrying condoms while married (they are currently still legally married in Canada), and for having the sheer audacity to leave their child in the care of the child’s other parent. Apparently that is all incomprehensible to at least one border guard, and deserving of a level of suspicion that lead to threats of being permanently banned from the US.


This is not a thing I do, um, ever, but if any of you have a spare dollar to throw their way, to get them through the hoops they still need to jump through before they can start on a life together, literally even one dollar from any of you would make a big difference. I’m also gonna say, if you’re a reader that would be inclined to donate money to me if I were to have a pledge drive, go ahead and give that money here. There’s actually a bunch of ways you can support them, too.

Fran makes some pretty sweet jewelry

Jonathan (Adam Selene) makes some pretty sweet raps, and oh yeah by the way, they’re also a great graphic designer

And they’ve got a gofundme for more direct support.

Also, if you just want more of the cute awesomeness of these folks, they are on Twitter! @LetsHearItForMe and @altergrounds. You won’t regret it.

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