What are your favorite physical features of yourself? 30-Week Genderqueer Challenge part 7

This post is part of my participation in the 30-day genderqueer challenge, which I have modified to a weekly exercise.

Today’s prompt: What are your favorite physical features of yourself?

I like that I am tall, in an inarticulable way. I don’t know why I like it, but I do.

I have pretty great hair – it is thick and capable of taking a major beating without breaking significantly. And it feels great now that I have enough length back to properly run my fingers through it. But I also sometimes wish it was finer, that it didn’t just take over my entire head (I have a small head, and a really disproportionate amount of hair coming out of it to be honest.) Er, but yeah, let’s stick more to the positive!

I like my hands. My hands and my eyes have had poetry written about them, actually. Ten years later, that is still weird and awesome and humbling to me.

This post was easier to write in my head than it is now that I’m putting the words down in a way other people will see. I think I’m writing it as if I was like at my body from the outside, and seeing it from someone else’s perspective, but that doesn’t actually capture the things I like about my body very well. Let me try again:

I do like that I’m tall. It’s weirdly a part of my identity at this point?

I really enjoy touching my own hair. I think it feels great.

I like whole general midriff section, and I kind of always have. I have an adorable belly button.

I like my nose.

I like my tattoos. I like that they make it easier for me to see my body as my own, among other things. And I want more.

…And I think that’s about it. This has been a weirdly uncomfortable exercise :P

Catch the rest of my 30-week genderqueer challenge here!


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