No but seriously, why do our brains do this?

We interrupt our lack of regular programming for this random memory:

When I confronted my abusive ex about being a bully in our relationship (I did this after we broke up), his response was

I can’t believe you would let me steamroll you like that. Excuse me for assuming you were stronger than that. Actually *I* feel betrayed by the discovery that you let me do that.

HOLY WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK THOUGH. How did I spend literal years talking myself out of thinking of him as terrible tucking person and absolute textbook abuser?

That is all for now.


  1. Okay I know it’s rhetorical but…

    Because we’re asked in this society to think of abuse in black and white when really it’s all shades of gray and even when it’s dark gray and ridiculously bad it’s still got hints of things to confuse us. Because abusers are human and so are we and we are wired to be social and to be sympathetic to others and to want to find the benefit of the doubt, I would say.

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