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All-Stars: All-Time Most Read Posts
Genderqueer/Non-Binary 101
Is it misgendering to call a binary-identified person ‘they’?
Demisexuality: debunking a common misconception
Recognizing Demisexuality

Conversation Starters: Most Commented-On Posts
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Polyamory and Jealousy: we’re having the wrong conversations
On inclusive and exclusive spaces, and why actively cultivating ‘safe’ exclusionary spaces is vital
Pregnant people are people too
What’s wrong with heteronormativity anyway?
If you’re into me, you’re not straight: orientations and attractions to non-binary people

Hall of Fame: Guest posts! Because I love my guest bloggers
Stranger on the train
Sex Vs. Rape Vs. Power
An open letter to men who date women

Kasey’s favourite posts, by topic:

Gender, Genderqueerness, Trans-ness
How I feel about my genderqueer identity… and everything else, really
Brief thought: Gender identity and self-doubt
A transgender double-bind
Who really has gender issues?
Things I tell myself upon being misgendered
“Who cares if you’re genderqueer?”
I don’t know why I identify as genderqueer. I just know that I do

Recognizing demisexuality
Demisexuality: debunking a common misconception
Reasons I should have known I was asexual

What to do now that you’re aware of your privilege(s)
“Not All Men!”: Redirecting defensive energy

Abuse fucks with your brain
Remembering abuse
Writing about abuse, thinking about abuse

Words Mean Things, Words Do Things
Grammar is important, but not in the way you think
More on gendered insults
Identity and Labels part 1: Marginalized Identities
Can we please stop calling for a single, ‘standard’ non-binary pronoun?

Social Justice Pot-Pourri
Forward Thinking: How should we punish people for moral failures?
“Natural consequences”, and drinking while female
On ‘over-reactions’
Brief thought: stereotypes
The conflation of virtue and weakness
Polyamory and Jealousy: we’re having the wrong conversations
What I’m talking about when I talk about being triggered
‘Consent is sexy’ is an insidious message
Communities are better than community

Personal stories and terrible poetry
Love and silliness
So how’s life?
Things I tell myself upon being misgendered
Sweet Everythings
Prose poetry