Blog Series

A guide to my blogging series! Get straight the to goods!

Gender Perspectives
My longest-running series collects together various personal reflections on gender identity and various gendered experiences – learn more about the diverse ways in which people relate to gender and understand themselves in relation to it! New posts roughly every 6-8 weeks.

Questions from the Search Terms
Every now and then, I respond to the search terms that bring people to Valprehension (especially when I expect they didn’t actually find what they were looking for).

The “Shit Cis People Say” Alphabet
My newest weekly blogging series! An alphabet of some of things cis people say to or about trans people. Ongoing.

Trans Women and Women-Only Spaces
A five-part series taking apart the kinds of reasons sometimes given for excluding trans women from women-only spaces and services.

Genderqueer Challenge
Through most of 2016, I blogged once a week in response to the prompts for the 30-day Genderqueer Challenge.

Carnival of Aces
Technically not a series, but I semi-regularly contribute to the Carnival of Aces, and have even hosted a couple of times. Maybe you just want to see those posts, I dunno.

Other Things I’ve Been Writing
Collections of links to things I write elsewhere on the internet!