Genderqueer Challenge

Through most of 2016, I blogged once a week in response to the prompts for the 30-day Genderqueer Challenge. Here are the posts that resulted (“GSM” refers to “Gender and Sexual Minorities”, and is essentially an alternate term for LGBTQ+):

Do you use any other words to define or explain your gender?

How did you grow up with your gender?

What’s your favorite ways of upsetting gender roles / genderbending / genderfucking?

Name some queer heroes, influences, or crushes

Dysphoria and how you manage it

When did you realize you were Genderqueer?

What are your favorite physical features of yourself?

An unpopular or unsure opinion about the GSM community

What have you done or plan to do to socially transition? Pronouns, name, coming out, etc.

Are you taking any steps to physically transition?

Your first experience with a GSM organization or event

Discuss your relationship with the term transgender

How has your family taken it or how might they take it?

Are you part of the Gender and Sexuality Minority community?

How do you deal with gendered things? Clothes shopping, bathrooms, forms, etc.

Name some media you connect with queerly

How do you, or would you, deal with being misgendered?

How does your gender factor in to your future plans?

What terms in the cisgender, GSM, or trans* community are problematic?

Have you faced any problems or gone through any changes regarding religion?

How has your relationship with yourself been affected since you realized you were Genderqueer?

What is your sexual and romantic orientations? Are they affected by your gender?

Do you feel comfortable answering questions about your gender to friends? Acquaintances? Strangers?

How has your relationship with the cisgender people in your life changed?

Your first queer crush or relationship

Discuss how your clothes do or don’t reflect your gender

Write a poem about being Genderqueer

Who are some people in your life, on or offline, who make your life better?

Some positive genderqueer experiences

What does Genderqueer mean to you?