blog notes

Blog Notes: Nomenclature?

Just a lil post to let y’all know that the person I’ve been referring to as “former spouseperson” (formerly just “spouseperson” (formerly “my spouse” (formerly called by a gendered spousal term because that’s how long I’ve been writing this blog :P))) will henceforth be known as my “complicated lifeperson“.

Because titles are hard sometimes, but that’s what feels right.

That is all.

Blog Notes: New Series Page

I’ve added a shiny new tab to the menu: Blog Series!
From here you can get to a listing of my (past and current) blogging series. There’s also a separate sub-page for each series.

I don’t really know why this gets a whole post about, but whatever. It was a lot of work no my part, so!

In any case, this will make some stuff easier to find or refer back to if any of y’all ever want to(!?!?!?)

This is the sort of stuff I do when I feel bad about not writing as much as I’d like, tbh. But anyway:


Valprehension: now on Tumblr too!

Yup, I’m expanding my social media empire again (lololol)!

You can now follow me on the tumblrs if you want. As with everywhere else, the tumblr will get all of my regular Valprehension posts, plus whatever I feel like reblogging. Also: if you’re on tumblr, let me know, cuz I want to follow y’all!

Blog notes: Get to know Valprehension all over again!

Those of you who pay serious attention to this page may have noticed this already, but a few weeks ago I put together a “Best of” for this blog, highlighting some of the most well-loved, read, and commented-on posts I’ve ever published. Feel free to check it out – maybe you’ll find a great post you missed the first time around, or one from before you ever came upon my little corner of the internet.

Also let me know if there’s something I’ve written that’s always stuck in your head and that I should have included but didn’t.

Here it is, the Best of Valprehension!

Blog Notes: Whoa. 200 posts!

My most recent post was the 200th post on Valprehension, y’all. When I started this thing up, I really never thought I’d make it this far and still be going strong (really strong right now, too – I have so many writing-thoughts brewing these days it’s ridiculous). But right now, it’s time for another cake!


Blog Notes, this time with a Genderqueer 101

So, y’all may (or may not) have noticed that for quite a while now, I’ve been lucky to manage to produce a single post per month. Basically, I’d arranged my life in such a way that left with very little free time that I spend just with myself, to the point that despite finishing my master’s degree back in December, I have applied for a grand total of less than a half a dozen jobs.

Anyway, I decided to fix that. I’m cutting back to a four-day work week, with longer days so as to maintain my hours/income, just so that I will have an actual large chunk of time in the middle of the week to spend quality time at my computer. This means that you can except something closer to a regular weekly post from me going forward!

In the meantime, I’ve also done some actual writing this week. A very long time ago, I declared an intention to produce a Genderqueer FAQ, even going so far as to solicit questions people would like answered in such a document. I have, however, failed to deliver on that promise.

In fact, I’ve tried many a time to dive into writing the FAQ, but to no avail. The problem I have is that many of the questions that need to be answered are inherently cissexist (whether explicitly or otherwise) – questions along the lines of “But you have a penis/vagina, so doesn’t that mean you’re a man/woman?” – and I find myself unable to write answers to these kinds of questions without becoming extremely snarky about it.

And while I’m sure many of you might find my snark cathartic, it wasn’t in keeping with the original intent of the FAQ, which was actually to help cis folks be more aware of and sensitive to gender variant identities.

So, I switched tacks, and you will now see a link at the top of this blog to a Genderqueer 101, which deals solely with the question of what to do when someone you now has just come out to you as genderqueer. I’d appreciate any input/feedback on it!

Thanks all!