genderqueer faq

Blog Notes and a Genderqueer FAQ

Firstly, I’ve been mucking around with the blogs style templates. Though I think I’m done for now, sorry for anyone who showed up during a transitional phase or got confused.

Secondly, and much more importantly, I’m working on putting together an FAQ about genderqueerness, here. I want to know what questions people have about genderqueer identities in general, or if you have specific questions about me and my life, I’m actually much better qualified to answer those. For the purposes of this FAQ, I am declaring nothing off limits, so you can ask about my personal, professional, and romantic life, or whatever else you’re curious about. I promise I won’t get offended, although I don’t actually promise to tell you everything about me.

Regardless of what questions I get here, I’m planning to update the page soon to include some of the questions I got from friends when I initially came out, and my answers to those. Stay tuned!

But yeah, I really do want to hear what questions you have. So ask away.