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Other things I’ve been writing: November 2016

Your monthly round-up of non-Valprehension things I’ve been writing!

It’s all bookish stuff this month! I only wrote one blog post for the library:

A (kind of) review of Ivan Coyote’s Tomboy Survival Guide

But I have also started putting together various recommended reading lists for the library, some of which are ongoing works-in-progress!

For Adults/General audience

21st Century Feminisms


Laugh-out-loud Memoirs

Non-binary genders in fiction and memoir

For Teens (and other folks who love YA!)

Good Stuff without the Romance

Teens Can Change the World!


More of the other stuff I’ve written!

Gender failure

Posting might be a little sparse for the next month of so. I have dozens of posts in various stages of semi-formed, but no time to flesh any of them out. For now, here’s part of the best performance I was lucky enough to see last year. I was going to to pull some quotes, but I found myself just wanting to transcribe the whole thing and say “Yes. This.” to all of it, so just watch it already:

And then go watch more Ivan Coyote. Because they’re brilliant.