Non-thesaurus: Non-impactful

Way back in the early years of Valprehension, I wrote a couple of “non-thesaurus” posts. These posts take common non-words – that is, words that people instinctively use, but that aren’t technically ‘words’ according to the word authorities or whatever – and provide a list of ‘real’ words that can be used instead.

I still get occasional hits from people looking for ways to call things impactful without losing marks for using the (non)-word impactful. But I recently visited by someone looking for synonyms to “nonimpactful”, so hey, why not write that one up as well? Here’s some words you may be able to use as an alternative to calling something ‘non-impactful’ (or unimpactful?). I’ve tried to cover my bases for different potential contexts and uses:

  • banal
  • boring
  • empty
  • frivolous
  • hollow
  • impotent
  • inane
  • inconsequential
  • ineffective
  • insipid
  • irrelevant
  • lacklustre
  • mundane
  • pointless
  • prosaic
  • trivial
  • unconvincing
  • uninspired
  • uninspiring

Non-thesaurus: Surmision

[In the non-thesaurus series, I create lists of viable alternatives to non-words (i.e. words that sound like real words, and may even have clear meanings, but that aren’t, in fact, words) that I sometimes find myself wanting to use.]

The word of the day is: surmision, i.e. the noun version of the verb “to surmise”. Because what one creates when one concludes is a conclusion, in my head, what one creates when one surmises is a surmision. But it’s not a really word, so what are the alternatives? Here goes:

  • assumption
  • belief
  • conjecture
  • guess
  • hypothesis
  • inference
  • postulation
  • premise
  • reckoning
  • speculation
  • supposition
  • theory

Non-thesaurus: Impactful

This is a thing I’ve been intending to make for myself for years, but since I wrote about it a bit I’ve also gotten some people finding their way here looking for alternatives to the word “impactful” that are actually, y’know, words. This has actually got me thinking that a thesaurus that provides synonyms for common non-words would be super useful, so I might actually turn this into a series as I think of other words that need this treatment (suggestions, anyone?)

So, without further ado, a list of possible real-word alternatives when what you really want to say is “impactful”:

  • affecting
  • compelling
  • consequential
  • convincing
  • electrifying
  • effective
  • forceful
  • incisive
  • impassioned
  • impressive
  • influential
  • inspirational
  • inspiring
  • meaningful
  • momentous
  • moving
  • persuasive
  • poignant
  • pointed
  • potent
  • powerful
  • provocative
  • significant
  • stirring
  • striking