Dating while feminist

Relevant to some of y’all’s interests!

For those that enjoy my various and sundry social justice-y thoughts on dating, and especially online dating, check out datingwhilefeminist, which is written by past (and hopefully future) Valprehension guest blogger Spice.

You can also follow her general awesomeness on the Twitter @thepurplecoffee

Signal Boost: Demisexual and Proud

Today I just wanted to take a moment to point out a new blog I am following and super excited about, and that I think some of you will like too!

Demisexual and Proud is written by a demisexual person (shocking, I know), and already has a couple of really interesting blog series on the go. There’s a bunch of posts exploring the interactions between demisexuality and mental health that the author has experienced (or particularly, what it’s like to be demisexual while also seeking mental health treatment).

And much more exciting to me, the author has started a series called “I Want To Have Sex Like…” which looks like it will be talking about the ways in which demisexuality impacts (or doesn’t) experiences of not just sexual attraction, but also sexual preferences, fantasies, and eroticism generally. I’m excited about these posts for a couple of reasons: I’ve been trying to sort out these things in my head enough to write about them myself, and reading someone else’s perspective will hopefully help me crystallize some of my own experiences, but also I find myself relating to the way the author talks about their own experiences. So that’s cool too!

My friends make things

So, I am currently dealing with some major family drama that is all very exhausting. I might write about it some day, but I don’t want to say anything too much until I have a little more certainty about where everything is landing.

Anyway, I actually have a bunch of posts banked, so that shouldn’t be much of an issue. But I decided today that none of them are as ready as I want them to be (or I’m just too damn fragile to post my own writing right now, you decide), so instead, hey, check out some awesome things my awesome friends are doing!

What ‘Californication’ Can Teach Us About Rape Culture

forget it_0My BFF, and all-around kickass lady Lisa McKeown published an article at The Mantle. It’s kind of about Californication, but really just uses the show as a lens through which to examine sexual politics, from the meaning of objectification, to creepiness, to female desire and sexual agency. The whole thing is absolutely fantastic, and I think everyone everywhere would benefit from reading it. So why haven’t you yet?

Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre


This is a great new comedy podcast series, twice monthly delivering the laughtastic cases of a roster of different detectives. You know your world needs some great audio-fiction, and there aren’t many podcasts out there delivering on that need, so go get some!

Texts From Superheroes

tfshTexts From Superheroes: it’s what you’d get if superheroes were posting to Texts From Last Night. Go geek out! Diana (one of the two masterminds behind TFSH) also writes other amazing funny geeky stuff all over the internet, so follow her on the facebooks why don’t you?