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2015 Reading Bingo: Canadian Edition!

Learnin', or: Learning, Informally

The library I work at has a display up this month of Penguin Random House’s reading bingo card for 2015, which has a Canadian theme! I was not aware the this was a thing before now, but I have read a *lot* this year (I just made my 100-book goodreads goal yesterday!), so I decided to see how well I might have done at this bingo card without even trying. For those playing along at home, here is the card in its full glory:


And here’s how my reading picks for the year stacked up:


Not too shabby, it turns out! I only missed six squares, and I would’ve had Atwood if I wasn’t stick waiting in a holds list for The Heart Goes Last! I am also regretting my failure to prioritize Chris Hadfield’s autobiography, but I will get to that one day, too.

The books I read, reading…

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Stuff I’ve been writing about stuff I’ve been reading, Vol. 1

I’ve started a new series over on my other blog all about things I’ve been reading lately. I figure every now and then I’ll collect together the links and share them here too! The categories this time are:

Transgender and genderweird YA <- particular interest to my readership here, I assume

Dystopian YA, (including The Selection series, which ignited a curiosity about the romance genre that I have never before epxerienced. I will probably be writing about this at some point, actually.)

YA Horror: Some genuinely creepy stuff here!

Popular Math/Books about math and/or math history for a general audience. Give this one a look *especially* if you’re chronically averse to math!